Back to School Signage


As summer enters its later months, we get closer and closer to our kids going back to school, and signage can help students make the transition back. Carter Associates Sign Factory produces some of the highest quality corrugated plastic signs in the business, and, with our custom printed signs, you can put messages out for your returning students to guide them on their way back to school.

Mark where busses stop

With our custom printed signs, you can easily draw attention of your students to help them see where their bus stop is at. The first day back to school can be stressful, especially when you have a new bus stop location and you’re not sure where it is. With a bright and vibrant sign from Carter Associates, your new stop can be marked for all children at the stop to find, and your first day will be smooth sailing.

Give a warm welcome

When your students get dropped off by the bus or their parents on that first day, you want them to feel as welcome as possible as they head in. With a warm welcome printed on a Carter Associates corrugated plastic sign, your students will get a little less worried about having to get back to the books.

Use year after year

With generic messages printed onto your signage, you can use our corrugated signs again and again every schoolyear. They are durable and weather resistant, so no matter what your Carter Associates signs go through at the beginning of the year, you can depend on their resiliency to use them for years to come. The ground stakes available are also just as durable, so every part of your sign will stay in great condition every time you need them.

With over 10 years of experience in the manufacturing of quality corrugated plastic signage, Carter Associates Sign Factory has the supplies you need to create the perfect custom printed signs. Whether it’s for a political campaign, back to school signs, or booster signs, you’ll have the perfect way to grab people’s attention every time.

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