Bring People in to Rummage Sales with Outdoor Signs

outdoor signs

As more events come about with spring, we will start to see more and more outdoor signs popping up in people’s yards displaying these events. Thanks to spring cleaning, one of the most popular events that pops up are garage or rummage sales. Whether it’s hosted by a local church or is a community event, garage sales or rummage sales are a great community builder that brings people together through our old artifacts. If you are involved in any up and coming garage sales or rummage sales, then outdoor signs from Carter Associates will help you get the word out for your event.

Your sign, your message

With Carter Associates corrugated plastic signs, your message will stand out strong. We carry a variety of shapes and sizes for your outdoor signs to suit your needs. With the ability to print graphics onto your signs as well, you will be able to get the message out about your garage sale or rummage sale in a easy-to-read and visually appealing way.

Eye catching colors

We at Carter Associates know that sometimes getting a sign read may be difficult, so we also offer a selection of ten different colors for your outdoor signs to make them stand out even more. Whatever color you need to make your sign catch the eye of someone passing by, we’ve got the option for you.

Make it a tradition

Our corrugated plastic outdoor signs will help you advertise for your garage sale or rummage sale once, so why not use them again and again? Durable and weather resistant, our outdoor signs as well as the sign stakes we sell to hold them are long-lasting and reusable, meaning you can advertise for that sale year after year.

With a long history of supplying quality signs to customers for advertising, Carter Associates can help you get the word out about your events. With options for small or bulk orders, we can make sure you get your message out no matter the scale of your advertising.

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