Corrugated Plastic Signs Withstand Winter Conditions

Corrugated Plastic Signs

We’ve had a mild winter in the Midwest so far, but, when the inevitable downpour of snow comes again, you can make the best of yard signs by investing in corrugated plastic signs from Carter Associates Sign Factory. With a design that has tested the trials of time and been developed over the years, the plastic signs from Carter Associates Sign Factory are the trustworthy, durable sign you’ve been looking for.

Stand strong all season

The corrugated plastic signs that we can create for you are weather-resistant and durable, so they will last you through the winter season. Unlike poster or cardboard signs, which will wilt and dissolve in wet conditions, the corrugated plastic signs from Carter Associates Sign Factory won’t be affected by snow in any way.

Contrast of color

Whether you need a blank sign or a sign with a custom design printed on it, you have a variety of colors to choose from to make your sign more noticeable this winter. Set against the white of snow, your corrugated plastic sign will burst with color, making it stand out for every passerby. Whatever message you wish to get out with your sign, it’s sure to be noticed.

Stationary signs

The jacket sign stakes that compliment our corrugated plastic signs will make sure your signs this winter won’t go anywhere. As you know, winter can bring harsh winds with it, and with our sign stakes, you never have to worry about your sign getting blown away. Also designed for durability and long-lasting use, you can keep your signs held upright with ease all winter long.

Creating signs for over 15 years, Carter Associates has the knowledge and quality products that you need with outdoor signage. If you need yard signs this winter that will last you through the season and years beyond, contact Carter Associates Sign Factory today.

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