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Thermoformed Pallets

Carter Associates isn’t only in the business of manufacturing, durable, high quality corrugated plastic signs, we also manufacture the industry’s most rugged corrugated plastic sleeves, totes, and more at Carter Associates Manufacturing. Whether you’re in need of internal shipping solutions or you’re planning of holding your products for some time, we know we have the solution you’re looking for. Also, since we’re a manufacturer with corrugated plastic and thermoformed capabilities, we can offer your customized materials, sizes, style, and functionality. In Today’s post, we will look at a few of the reusable packaging and returnable containers that we offer.

Corrugated plastic sleeves

Our Tuf-Pak shipping containers are the industry’s most rugged and durable plastic sleeves available. Reinforced with metal inserts and made from corrugated plastic, there is no doubt they are the industry’s highest quality, longest lasting corrugated plastic sleeves.

Corrugated plastic totes

Our Tuf-Totes are manufactured in a way that ensures the lowest cost while providing the highest level of utility. Our cutting edge manufacturing process using the best bonding techniques mean our corrugated plastic totes are the toughest most reliable product on the market. And not only are our totes tough, they’re also fully customizable, modular, recyclable, and printable!

Thermoformed pallets

Our thermoformed plastic pallets are the absolute best way to store your other packaging solution from Carter Associates. From our Tuf-Pak sleeves and Tuf-Tote plastic totes to out corrugated plastic dunnage, our thermoformed pallets will store them safely.

At Carter Associates’ Sign Factory, our goal isn’t only to provide our customers with the highest quality, most durable corrugated plastic signage, we also aim to provide the best corrugates plastic sleeves, totes, thermoformed pallets, and more. Do not hesitate to contact Carter Associates today for more information!

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