Advertise Your Community Festival or Event with Yard Signs


Carter Associates Packaging can help you create all of the signage you need for your festival. We have experience with a wide variety of community events, including events such as art fairs, food festivals, farmers markets, music festivals, and specialized community events. Your participants will come to know they can get valuable information and instructions from your custom branded yard signs. Create different designs for all aspects of your event; promotion beforehand, instructional help during, and appreciation for your sponsors.

Promote your event beforehand. Self-promote your festival to get your community excited for the event. Have them save the dates on their calendars, and get them visually tuned to your festival artwork. This is also a great time to let them know about special guests (musicians, food vendors, and  artists are a few ideas.)

Help festival-goers navigate your event. Use yard signs to help your guests find what they’re looking for. They will want to know where to park, how to find food vendors, even where the bathrooms are located.

Don’t forget your sponsors! Use coordinated signage to let your festival goers know who your sponsors are. Your event always benefits from sponsorships and you want to make sure those sponsors know that you appreciate that they signed on to help. Encourage sponsors to repeat their participation by posting your appreciation at key locations throughout the festival.

Our custom yard signs help your patrons enjoy your event from start to finish! Whether it’s a spring fling or a fall finale, our durable signs will add to the success of your event by clearly communicating to your audience. Call us today to get started!

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