Support For Your Custom Yard Signs – Getting The Display Just Right

custom yard sign with jacket sign stake

Once you have your custom artwork dialed in for your yard signs, it’s time to turn your attention to how you want to display your signs and where they will be placed. Stake or no stake? Inside or outside? When you’re calculating conditions, you’ll want to think about what season they’re used in, and about the impact of people on your sign longevity. Don’t worry, we’ll run through your options to help you make an informed decision and give you confidence in your custom yard sign display!

Jacket Sign Stake – The jacket sign stake is our sturdiest, most weather resistant sign support. A bit larger, the wider base lends a bit more stability to our yard signs. If you know your yard signs need to be out for extended periods of time, or will be in high traffic areas that might expose your yard sign to wear and tear from human traffic, the jacket sign is your best option. You know your area best, don’t forget about seasonal weather changes and how they will impact your yard signs. The jacket sign stake is offered at a flat rate of $5.29 each.

Sign Stakes – The sign stake is our most popular option. We’re able to offer this one with a price break for buying in bulk. Already affordable at $1.45 for quantities under 50, we’re able to offer them at $1.19 for orders between 50 – 249, and as low $1.08 for orders over 250. The sign stake is the preferred version for many of our custom cut versions of our custom signs. If you’re interested in our arrow sign blank, or the booster sign, the sign stake is the version you need.

No stake – Yard signs can be grommeted and hung with wire or cord, or placed in shop and home windows. Some clients even use these to set up a tabletop display. We want our custom signs to be versatile and useful -  so we listen to our clients’ needs and offer different opportunities to respond to your requests. 

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