Fundraising For Your Sports Booster Club

Football Booster Signs

The f in fall definitely stands for football. As schools resume across the nation, school football clubs are already hard at work and gearing up for game day, while booster clubs search for new ways to raise money to buy their athletes the equipment to protect them and to give them any edge they can. Our football booster signs are an inexpensive and easy way to kickstart your fundraising and show your school pride throughout the community. Here are 3 great ways to encourage sales of your booster signs:

  1. Customize your signs with your school colors. Our stock signs come in 9 different colors, with even more ink choices. Flash your school pride with individualization. We’re also able to custom print signs with written and graphic content.
  2. Get families involved. Parents and guardians are the obvious first choice for yard sign sales, but don’t forget the grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Anyone who likes to come out for the games is a possible buyer.
  3. Get the whole community involved. Sell to local businesses, encouraging them to place your yard signs in their front window, or if available, in the space outside their business. Talk to staff in the schools and have supporters bring them to parades and pep rallies, and tailgates. There are never too many fans

Fundraising is a given with the cost of athletic equipment and travel expenses today. If you want your favorite team to have the resources they need, for everything from bite guards to agility ladders, our stock booster signs are a great choice. In a nutshell, football booster signs are an inexpensive way to raise money and bring people together in support of their favorite team. You can order online today, call us at 269-489-5021, or send us a message via our contact page

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